Product Information

Auto Atlas-14T

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01.  Full-Auto operated laminator

Auto Atlas-14T is "Full-auto laminator" Auto Atlas-14T can do laminating from feeding papers to cutting automatically.

02.  Overwhelming Productivity

Auto Atlas-14T is able to do 100 pcs of A4 size laminating within 14 minutes.

03.  Easy inside clean

Possible easy inside clean by dopting "Cover open fuction".


Max. laminating width 305mm
Max. substrate thickness 0.4mm*1
Max. speed 1.6m/min (Fixed)
Processing temperature Room temp.~120℃
Power requirements AC230V
Power consumption 1150Watt
Width (mm) 530mm
Depth (mm) 900mm*2
Height (mm) 420mm
Weight 35kg
Certifications CE_Auto Atlat-14T.pdf (619KB)
Instruction Manual Auto Atlas-14T.pdf (1.42MB)

*1 Auto-atlas 14T can be operated with the exclusive films, and be available to laminate with which thickness is from 60 to 160 g/㎡

*2 Including "feed table"


01  Film shaft for "B5/B4 size"

Possible B5/B4 size laminating with "B5/B4 size film shaft".

Auto Atlas-14T