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01.  8 steps pressure settings

Possible laminating & panel processing with detail 8 steps pressure settings.

02.  Various options

Possible to be grade up with re-winding device, extra film shaft and media holder as options.



Max. laminating width 1600mm
Max. substrate thickness 8mm
Max. speed 6.0m/min
Processing temperature Room temp.
Upper roller type Parallel
Below roller type Parallel
Roller clearance Manual 8 settings
Roller diameter 88mm
Power requirements AC230V
Power consumption 100Watt
Width (mm) 2138mm
Depth (mm) 591mm*1
Height (mm) 1230mm*2
Feeding level 871mm
Weight 157kg
Instruction Manual Daisy-55EC/63EC.pdf (2.49MB)
Instruction Movie Daisy-55EC Instruction Movie

*1 Including "feed table"

*2 Including "exclusive caster"



01.  Extra film shaft

Installation of extra film shaft for saving film shaft change time.

02.  Media holder

Possible processing without demage of printing surface.

03.  Re-winding device

Stable productivity with re-winding device as option.